15 Radical Changes to the Future of Work
15 Radical Changes to the Future of Work
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00:00 - Intro
00:42 - Bullshit jobs are shutting down
01:24 - All but creative work will be remote
02:49 - Online means everyone now has access to the same job prospects
04:05 - You will become a company of one
04:48 - Even high-quality work will be freelanced
07:04 - You will either be paid by the second or by project-completion
09:21 - Your intellectual work will generate passive income
10:35 - Middle class will be automated first
11:52 - UBI won’t save you
13:32 - Your online presence is now your CV
15:05 - No code, No Talent jobs are coming.
16:16 - Climate will cause mass migration from the equator towards the poles during the summer months.
17:13 - You will change fiscal residencies to keep more of your money
18:23 - You will probably end up working 50% longer than previous generations
19:34 - Wealth will move from labor to capital
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