AVOID THIS MISTAKE To Achieve Your Full Potential
Hosted at ArtCenter College of Design
Featuring Petrula Vrontikis
Designer, Author, & Educator
Professor, ArtCenter College of Design
Chris Do shares the biggest mistake that artists and creative entrepreneurs make when starting their careers. He emphasizes that the difference between being a starving artist and being paid to do what you love is not about having a grand vision or trying to change the world all at once. Instead, it's about taking small steps and focusing on mastering a skill, producing quality content, and monetizing it.
The importance of focusing on the 3 M's: Mastery, Media, and Monetization.
Chris believes that mastering a skill, producing content that demonstrates your mastery, and then monetizing it is the key to achieving your full potential. He emphasizes that taking small steps and focusing on what's in front of you is crucial to success. By doing so, you can avoid getting stuck in trying to do something too big and instead focus on making incremental progress towards your goals.
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