Start Crushing YouTube with Sean Cannell
From Confusion to Success: How to Start Your YouTube Journey as a Creative Entrepreneur
The video is aimed at creative entrepreneurs who may be hesitant to start making videos on YouTube due to fear, confusion, or a lack of technical knowledge. The speaker emphasizes that starting on YouTube can be challenging as it requires a combination of various skill sets, such as writing good copy for titles, creating thumbnails, shooting and editing videos, and delivering value to the audience. However, the speaker also points out that this presents an opportunity for those who are willing to overcome their barriers to entry.
The speaker suggests that the first step in starting on YouTube is to use the smartphone that you already have and flip it to landscape mode for better video quality. Audio is also crucial, and the speaker recommends investing in a simple microphone, which can be bought for as little as $25. Lighting is important too, and a basic softbox can be purchased for around $50. Stabilization is also crucial to avoid shaky footage, and a tripod can be used to keep the camera steady.
The speaker advises that answering specific questions is an effective way to start creating content for YouTube. As a professional, you likely receive a set of top 10-20 questions frequently, which can be turned into individual videos. The speaker calls this the ASQ (Answer Specific Questions) method. He encourages creators to think of their videos as a conversation with a friend over coffee, where they deliver value and information that the audience is seeking. The key is to focus on beginner and basic answers, as there are always new people seeking this information, and the curse of knowledge often causes creators to overlook the obvious.
The speaker gives an example of a successful YouTuber who delivers basic information with minimal production value, yet still manages to attract a large audience due to the quality of his content. The speaker encourages people to start simple and upload one video at a time, pacing themselves and gradually building up their content library. He acknowledges that there may be many other things to consider, but advises creators to focus on one thing at a time and seek guidance from channels like his. Overall, the speaker's message is that with a smartphone and a willingness to learn, anyone can start creating content for YouTube and building an audience over time.
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