The $312K Coaching Advice That Changed My Life
In this video, Chris Do shares the best advice he received after spending $24K/yr for 13 years of coaching.
Join him as he reveals the valuable lessons that transformed his approach to business and client relationships. Discover the power of being an owner and the importance of saying what you truly think.
Learn how to manage relationships with your team and empower them to say no when necessary. Gain insights into setting clear expectations with clients and effectively communicating your limitations.
Chris also discusses the significance of personal interaction with clients and how it can elevate your business. Don't miss out on this valuable advice that can help you take your business to the next level.
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Host: Chris Do
Producer: Mark Contreras
Cinematographers/Editors: @RodrigoTasca @Tascastudios
In this episode:
00:00 - The Power of Being an Owner
00:33 - Tip #: 1 Say What You Think
00:58 - Leading the Conversation: Asking the Right Questions
01:24 - Tip #2: Managing Relationships with Your Team
02:25 - Giving Permission to Say No
03:41 - Setting Clear Expectations with Clients and Employees
04:34 - Communicating as an Employee/Subordinate
05:15 - Tip #3: The Power of Being an Owner
06:40 - Overcoming Communication Challenges
08:05 - The Importance of Caring and Building Relationships
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