Who is a Data Scientist in 2021? A Research on 1001 Data Scientists
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About the Research
Every year, 365 Data Science publishes a study on 1,001 data scientist profiles. The information is collected from public LinkedIn profiles, assuming that the information posted on the social media platform is an unbiased estimator of their resume.
This research allows us to gain insights, with a reasonable degree of certainty, about who is a data scientist in 2021. We present only aggregate data to highlight important trends that can be useful to anyone who wants to break into the field, as well as to organizations looking to hire data scientists.
The typical data scientist profile delineated by our study: Identifies as male, has a Master’s degree, works comfortably with Python and SQL, has 6.2 years of prior working experience, works for a very large firm in the technology sector, has been on the job for about 1 year.
The gender gap appears to be widening. The proportion of male to female data scientists in the 2021 version of the study is 82% (male) to 18% (female). In 2020, the ratio was 71% (male) to 29% (female), while in 2018 – 69% (men) to 31% (female).
Currently, it takes around 7 years of prior working experience to become a data scientist.
SQL surpassed R in popularity to claim the second position among coding languages ‘spoken’ by data scientists. Similarly to other studies, our research confirms that Python holds the top-most position.
‘Data scientist’ was the first job title for 22.6% of the individuals in our cohort. This goes to show that a considerable number of people begin directly as data scientists before gaining any other prior experience.
In 96.5% of the cases, а university degree is required to break in the field. Our research shows that 76.7% of data scientists hold a Master’s (55%) or PhD (21.7%) degree. Additionally, those at a Bachelor’s level accounted for 19.8%.
The tech industry increased its lead as the top data science employer. We found that 57.5% work in tech, with the financial sector coming in at a distant second with 19.8%
Very big companies (with personnel of 10,000+) employ the most data scientists.
An increasing number of data scientists (7.3%) list consulting or other types of employment in their profiles in parallel to their full-time role. Moreover, the number is potentially even higher, considering that not all side employments are listed on LinkedIn.
Very few individuals (less than 2%) have stayed at the same job for more than 5 years.
The median time spent on the job by a data scientist in our study was 1.7 years.
The majority of data science professionals included in the study (56%) have changed jobs 2 or more times in the past 5 years.
More than one-third of the data scientists in our cohort started their current job in the last 12 months.
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