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Giving you the skills to crunch numbers in Excel; even in data science, smaller datasets are more quickly preprocessed in Excel than Python, R or SQL.
Video Timestamps:
0:00 Welcome
0:23 A Beginner's Guide to Excel Spreadsheets
3:56 Data Entry Techniques
6:49 How to Make Your Spreadsheets Look Professional
12:39 Inserting, Deleting, and Modifying Rows & Columns
14:22 Excel Formulas for Beginners
17:17 Excel Functions
21:00 Work Efficiently by Using Cut, Copy, and Paste
23:10 Formatting
28:29 Pasting Values, Formulas and Formats with Paste Special
Microsoft Excel is the #1 productivity software in the world. A huge amount of data comes in a spreadsheet format, so an analyst needs Excel in their arsenal. This course will teach you all the Excel skills you need to perform multi-layered calculations, create charts, manipulate data, look up functions, and more!
We will start from the very basics: introducing the Excel ribbon, learning how to insert (and delete) rows and columns, how to perform data entry tasks, and how to format worksheets professionally. In addition, you will create your first formulas and functions, and cut, copy, and paste values for the first time.
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