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Today, we’re celebrating a new start. Ned, Martina and Sevda from the 365 Data Science team are here to announce something very exciting.
We created a new brand identity that looks much more professional, a platform that celebrates
content creators, in which we organized our content in career tracks, introduced a resume builder to help our partner companies recruit some of our best students, and…
We created exams - practice exams, course exams, and career track exams. From now on, to earn a verifiable certificate from 365, you will need to pass an exam. In this way, you will demonstrate you meet a high standard of competence and earn certificates of achievement rather than certificates of completion. We prepared more than 2000 practical questions that not only test you but allow you to reinforce what you have learned. We added and will continue to add courses
with some of your favourite creators in the data science field – Ken Jee, Tina Huang, Bernard Marr, Giles McMullen-Klein aka Python Programmer, Danielle The, Anastasia K and many more to come!
So all of this deserves to be celebrated, would you agree? Our ‘Free Month’ initiative is back and
starts today! For 30 days you can access all of our content free of charge.
We hope you will enjoy the courses, the exams, the improved functionalities, and all the content we have worked so hard to create. Everything is waiting for you.
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We at 365 Data Science are committed educators who believe that curiosity should not be hindered by inability to access good learning resources. This is why we focus all our efforts on creating high-quality educational content which anyone can access online.
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