Data Science and Predictive Vehicle Maintenance with Jen | 365 Data Use Cases
In this week's 365 Data Use Case episode, our friend Jen will tell us all about her favourite data use case - predictive vehicle maintenance!
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A lot of people don't realize just how much current vehicles are driven by software and data. And not just electric or self-driving vehicles. The typical car on the road that's been made in the last 10 years has numerous lines of code behind the scenes that help power it, control its emissions and monitor the vehicle for safety, emissions and many other specifics. That’s quite intriguing, don’t you think?
For many years, both consumer and commercial vehicles have come equipped with some sort of telematic systems. These systems or vehicle-tracking devices allow us to read, store and communicate telemetry data. They capture information like location, speed, fuel consumption, and they also track all the sensors on the vehicle and their readings.
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0:00 | Intro
0:39 | Vehicles driven by software and data
1:51 | Telematic systems
2:26 | Diagnostic tools
4:14 | Predictive maintenance
7:12 | Thanks for watching!
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