How to Become a Marketing Analyst
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Hello everyone, and welcome to our 365 Data Science special dedicated to yet another exciting business career - the marketing analyst profession. In this video, we’ll learn who the marketing analyst is, what they do, how much they make, and what skills and degree you need to become one.
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So, who are the marketing analysts and why are they so important for business success?
Marketing analysts tend to be some of the most hands-on professionals in a company and their role is truly versatile, encompassing a wide range of activities:
• digital marketing
• traditional/offline marketing
• brand marketing
• market research
..and many more
A marketing analyst works closely with product owners and can be assigned to a particular product or, alternatively, to a specific channel. For example, digital marketing analysts are usually responsible for a company's social media accounts, as well as the communication with agencies to discuss ad spend, upcoming campaigns, and amount of promotional budget that can be allocated. A marketing analyst also collaborates frequently with the sales team and provides them with valuable insight when it comes to forecasting and resources that can be spent at a given time.
That’s the compact presentation of this exciting job role. To get a better idea of what it means to be a marketing analyst, do watch the video!
Once again, we just want to remind you that there are plenty of amazing career paths you can explore within the field of data science and data analytics, such as:
• Machine Learning Engineer;
• Data Analyst;
• Research Analyst
We’ll do a video just like this for each of these career opportunities and many more, so be sure to subscribe to our channel and check them out too!
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