What Does a Data Scientist Actually Do
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Many videos provide tips on becoming a data scientist—learning the necessary skills and the expected salaries in the field. But there isn’t nearly as much content that describes what data scientists do on the job. Today, we’ll address this topic.
Contrary to what many business stakeholders believe, a data scientist isn’t a magician who can use AI to fix any problem.
A data scientist’s primary purpose isn’t to pull data from the database either .
A company that thrives—thanks to its data scientists—can educate those within the organization that a data scientist’s primary goal is to create business value by using data . A data scientist’s role encompasses different activities, many of which we will describe in this video. Still, the first and most crucial point we need to remember is that the end goal of each task of a data scientist is to create business value.
Therefore—besides solid statistics knowledge and an ability to use such coding languages as Python, R, and SQL—data scientists need business and communication skills to be successful in their work .
00:00-00:36 Intro to the story
00:36-00:51 Talking to stakeholders
00:51-01:15 Reformulating the problem
01:15-01:41 Simpler solution
01:41-02:58 Formulating a hypothesis and A/B testing
02:58-03:46 Exploratory data analysis (EDA)
03:46-04:24 Second A/B test
04:24-04:50 ML Brainstorming
04:50-05:16 Machine learning mechanics
05:16-05:41 ML Fine-tuning
05:41-05:58 ML Engineering
05:58-06:05 ML A/B test
06:05-06:39 Conclusion
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