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R is one of the best programming languages specifically designed for statistics and graphics. Programming in R is a fast and effective way to perform advanced data analyses and manipulations. In this course, you will learn how to use R and utilize the many data analysis techniques, methods, and functions it has to offer to the professional data scientist.
Video Timestamps:
00:00 Welcome
00:54 Downloading and installing R and RStudio
04:10 Quick guide to the RStudio user interface
11:40 Changing the appearance of RStudio
13:19 Installing packages and using the library
18:24 Creating an object in R
23:39 Data types in R (Integers and doubles)
28:19 Data types in R (Characters and logicals)
31:35 Coercion rules in R
34:06 Functions in R
37:24 Functions and arguments
39:55 Building a function in R
48:00 Using the script vs. using the console
In this introductory part of the course, we will go for a walk in the R environment. First, we are going to install R and RStudio together. Then, we’ll dive straight into RStudio and learn about its interface, and how to make use of the main windows and tabs there. We will also talk about setting your working directory and getting additional help.
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You will learn about objects and coercion rules in R, functions in R, and how to use R’s console. Not only that, but by the end of the section, you will have built your first function; it will be able to draw cards from a deck, so you can play your favorite board game even if you don’t have the physical cards in front of you.
Providing you with the skills to manipulate, analyze, and visualize data with the best programming language for statistical analysis for data science.
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