How Data Science Helps Small Businesses
The concept 'data science' is synonymous with complex ML and AI models, and one common misconception is that it can be applied by large and mid-sized companies only. In this video, we discuss how using data science can be key for the success of a small business. In addition, we provide a practical example of how data science can help a traditional brick and mortar business, as well as one that is based on digital sales.
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365 Data Science is one of the few (if not the only) learning platforms that offers online courses teaching how to apply data science in business context (considering aspects such as data strategy, how to ask the right business questions, data literacy across the organization, product management of data products, and how to build a data-driven growth mindset). If you are interested in positioning your company for success by leveraging the power of data, check out our business plans. We offer on-demand and live trainings:
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