How to (And Why) Become a Data Analyst in 2024
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This video explores the data analyst career path and describes the key skills and competences you need to become a data analyst.
You will learn about the data analyst role, a data analyst's responsibilities, their expected salary, and the required skills and educational background to pursue this career path.
A data analyst is a critical thinker and an active problem-solver who eagerly dives into datasets. They identify key insights and trends, performing a pivotal role in transforming raw data into actionable intelligence. This process involves meticulous data cleaning, validation, and analysis, which typically occupies around 80% of their time. The remaining 20% is dedicated to communicating these insights through clear, comprehensible visualizations and reports—essential for guiding decision-making across the organization.
Video Timestamps:
00:00:00-00:00:35 Intro
00:00:35-00:00:53 Career opportunities in data
00:00:53-00:01:23 What does a data analyst do
00:01:23-00:03:09 Data analyst responsibilities
00:03:09-00:03:30 Data analyst salaries
00:03:30-00:05:26 The fastest way to become a data analyst
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