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Power BI is a business analytics solution that helps you visualize your data, share insights across your organization or embed them in your app or website. In this section, you will get more information about the Power BI software and how it functions. We will see what the differences between the Power BI versions are and which one suits our needs best.
Video Timestamps:
0:00 Welcome
3:11 Introduction to Power BI
4:59 Power BI Desktop vs Power BI Pro
6:40 Power BI for Mac
12:17 Power BI for Mac Part II
19:02 How to install Power BI
21:54 Introduction to data sources
22:47 The query editor
26:10 Import vs direct query
30:32 Importing data from Excel files
The Power BI course is designed for students who like to learn by doing. Packed with real-life business scenarios along with quizzes and projects to build, this course will give you the solid understanding required to jump start your career as a Power BI developer, business intelligence analyst, or a multiskilled data scientist. It will not only teach you how to create stunning dashboards but will also introduce you to data modelling and data transformations. You will learn how to write DAX, set up calculated columns and measures, generate roles, and, of course, share your dashboards with your team or clients. Power BI allows you to connect to hundreds of data sources and quickly analyze your data for free.
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We will set up our Power BI in Windows. We will show alternative options for Mac users and how they can use Power BI completely free of charge for the next 12 months.
We are going to investigate the query editor. We will discuss the differences between Import Mode and Direct Query. We’ll learn how to import data from an Excel file, launch Power Query, and how to use it for data transformations. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to build your first data model and examine the relationships available in Power BI. We’ll talk about Active vs Inactive relationships, and how to enter data inside Power BI using DAX code or the native Power BI interface. In addition, we’ll touch base on Role Level Security. We are going to see how data refreshes in Power Bi, whether it’s an SQL server, live connection or an import mode. We’ll explore hierarchies. And, finally, we’ll investigate Q&A inside Power BI by demonstrating how you can ask questions to your data to get some real answers in the form of lines and charts.
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