How to Become a Data Scientist in the United States
The data scientist is among the most popular and highest-paid job positions in the United States for a fifth consecutive year, according to Glassdoor’s rankings. Impressive, isn’t it? In this video, we explore the data science job market in the USA and will aim to define several key aspects you need to take into account if you want to become a data scientist in the United States.
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We will give you some practical advice on job applications, including US visas necessary for foreign applicants, tips on popular job boards, as well as an overview of salary expectations, required education and skills, years of experience, top industries, locations with the highest number of job openings and much more. Enjoy watching!
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0:00 | Intro
1:28 | Visas for foreign applicants
2:40 | US job boards
3:09 | Salary expectations
3:59 | Data science education
4:50 | Top programming languages for data science
5:45 | Required skills
6:48 | Years of experience
7:12 | Top employment industries and most popular states
7:38 | Thanks for watching!
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