Who Was Laid-off by Big Tech Firms in 2022-2023?
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This video presents insights into the people laid off by Big Tech companies like Alphabet, Microsoft, Meta, and Twitter in late 2022 and 2023. To do this, 365 Data Science researched 1,157 LinkedIn profiles of professionals impacted by the layoffs.
We collected data on gender, age bracket, position, time spent on the job, total work experience, educational degree, and whether an individual could find a new occupation and list it on their LinkedIn profile by January 30, 2023. Company quotas were assigned to limit bias, and convenience sampling was employed due to data accessibility limitations.
Perhaps the true reason for the layoffs was not a pressing need for financial resources but rather an adjustment to the new economic reality in which tech firms expect to grow slower due to an uncertain macroeconomic environment and fears of recession. Therefore, companies try to be more efficient by cutting personnel costs.
This is why we wanted to explore the profile of individuals impacted by layoffs and provide independently collected data.
Video Timestamps:
0:00:00-0:00:45 Intro to 365's research
0:00:45-0:01:27 The 2020-2021 Big Tech hiring spree
0:01:27-0:01:48 Adjusting to a new economic reality
0:01:48-0:04:14 Revealing the profile of laid-off employees
0:04:14-0:04:50 Closing remarks
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