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Hi everyone and welcome to another episode of 365 Data Use Cases! In this series of super informative videos, we explore the diverse areas where data is widely used nowadays. Let's be honest, every industry relies on data for insights and strategies. But you'll be amazed how fascinating some of these cases are!
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In this episode, our friend Giles will talk about data science in medical imaging! As an Oxford-trained medical physicist and research scientist, Giles has vast experience working with Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Not only did he observe and analyze body metabolisms, but he also made diagnostics and determined disease outcomes based on the imaging data collected with the MRI. That’s quite amazing, right? Watch the video to learn more about the role of data in medical imaging!
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We will continue the series with plenty more exciting data use cases like this one.
Stay tuned!
0:00 | Intro
0:33 | Imaging metabolism with MRI
1:11 | Metabolism data and analysis
1:56 | Diagnostics and disease outcomes
2:31 | No limit to data analysis
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