What Is Data Science? (Explained in 5 Minutes)
You want to learn what Data Science is? And you like brief explanations? Then this is the perfect video for you! We will try to provide a dynamic overview of the data science profession along with some key aspects such as:
✔️ Type of data used:
✔️ Activities performed on the job
✔️ Time allocation
✔️ Key skills
✔️ And frequently used data science methods
We’ll focus on how data scientists create value for companies and will explain how data science relates to AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning.
0:00-0:23 Video intro
0:23-0:50 Why the data science notion is still confusing to people
0:50-1:09 Data science is an interdisciplinary field
1:09-1:35 Data science and AI
1:35-1:46 Data science, ML, Deep Learning
1:46-2:09 Channel promo
2:09-2:19 What you will see next
2:19-2:51 Types of data used
2:51-3:36 Activities performed by data scientists
3:36-3:54 Time allocation
3:54-4:06 Key skills needed by data scientists
4:06-4:24 Frequently used data science methods
4:24-5:21 How data scientists create value
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