Data Science Jobs Explained in 5 Minutes
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When looking for a job in this field, remember that working with data is a metaskill; there’s not only one specific skillset required to succeed in this line of work.
Companies recruit for various roles, and each of these positions requires different competencies. So, our aim today is to describe who does what and how data professionals with different job titles contribute to a business.
The video describes 10 roles that are part of the larger data science job family.
00:00-00:18 Data science is a metaskill
00:18-00:30 List of data science job roles
00:30-01:13 Data strategist
01:13-01:39 Data architect
01:39-02:23 Data engineer
02:23-02:42 Let's briefly pause the clock!
02:42-03:05 Data analyst
03:05-03:37 BI analyst
03:37-03:52 Traditional data scientist
03:52-04:00 Research scientist
04:00-04:27 Applied scientist
04:27-04:48 ML Ops Engineer
04:48-05:12 Data product manager
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