Get Free Data Science Resources
This video will show you how to get free data science resources. The newly published Resources section on the 365 Data Science website is a great place where you can download free data science resources.
Check out this link if you would like to download free data science:
- course notes
- templates
- practice exams
- infographics
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At 365 Data Science, our mission is to help students reach their learning and career goals, no matter where they are on their data science journey.
But that’s not all.
We actively promote all forms of collaboration in data science, and because we believe the free spread of ideas is the backbone of academic growth, we share expert know-how.
..and detailed resources free of charge with anyone who wants to use them to grow and improve their work.
Our pledge is to help you realize your professional goals and develop impactful projects that advance the data field.
That’s why we are happy to announce the launch of the 365 Resources Center.
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