John Hopkins University COVID19 Dashboard - The Dashboard the Entire World Is Watching
The entire world is under a lockdown. Unprecedented measures, aiming to combat a disease we have never seen before. In such conditions of isolation, few resources have proven to be as indispensable as the data collected and provided by the John Hopkins University.
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This is a dashboard most of us have been opening very frequently in the last few months. And its rise in popularity is no coincidence. It happened for several key reasons.
At times like these, we need a single source of truth. Various media and news outlets globally use the John Hopkins Dashboards as the main source of their reporting, which absolutely benefits society at large as it ensures that both decision-makers and their communities have access to the same source of information.
A well-crafted dashboard is able to fit a great deal of information on one page, and be meaningfully used even by people with no technical background.
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Finally, although these data, in particular, can be overwhelming at this stage, we hope that you, like us, enjoy working with data nonetheless.
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And in conclusion, we wanted to share with you that the source dataset for the John Hopkins dashboard is hosted on GitHub, and has gained massive popularity by being “starred” more than 21,000 times, with 1,200 reported issues, and 244 pull requests. Why don’t you try to use that data and your newly acquired dashboarding skills and build your own copy of the John Hopkins dashboard?
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