How to Transition into Data Science: from Computer Science to Data Science
How to Transition Into Data Science From Computer Science? CS majors often want to know how to transition into data science from computer science. ✅Get 20% OFF the data science training!
Looking for the best ways to transition into data science?
Well, some degrees can give you a massive advantage. And a degree in Computer Science certainly qualifies you for this rewarding and challenging career.
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Today, we’ll be making the switch from Computer Science and explore the steps you need to take to enter one of the hottest career fields.
We’ll answer some of the most important questions that go through your head, like: “Can I”, “Should I” and “How can I” make this switch. We’ll discuss the pros and cons and give you some tried-and-tested tips to transition into Data Science. Let’s start with “Can I make the switch?”
A degree in Computer Science prepares you to be a code-savvy professional with strong analytical thinking, and a knack for creative tech solutions - which makes you the top choice of data science employers. Professionals with that degree are skilled in mathematics and problem solving. Not to mention they are already proficient in several programming languages and tools. No wonder 18.3% of current data scientists have majored namely in Computer Science! So, let’s explore in detail the major points Computer Science helps you score.
The first and the most important advantage a Computer Science background gives you is spectacular problem-solving skills.
Computer Scientists thrive in challenging situations. And solving complex issues is just a regular part of their lifestyle! Basically, what they do on a daily basis is identifying a problem, translating it to the computer, and finding the smartest way to deal with it. Over and over again. A Computer Science graduate rushes in and finds solutions where others fear to tread which makes them a leading figure in any data science team.
Second - writing a code that’s reusable and understandable by others.
Enjoy the video!
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