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A good understanding of customers is extremely important for running a successful business. KYC or ‘know your customer’ is what actually makes all the difference for many companies. KYC helps them do their best in creating, communicating, and delivering their offerings by tailoring them to their customers’ needs.
But understanding and meeting customers’ needs is easier said than done. Customer Analytics is a very broad area. It may include a wide range of characteristics of customers and their behavior and numerous different outcomes and performance indicators that the business might be interested in.
In this introductory course we will focus on the first part of one of the most fundamental marketing frameworks – that of segmentation, targeting, and positioning, known as the ‘S T P framework’.
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The data we’ll use throughout the course come from a fast-moving consumer goods, or ‘F M C G’ company. A typical example of an ‘F M C G’ marketplace is a supermarket. People visit supermarkets every day and most types of goods in-store are purchased daily, too. Therefore, we have lots and lots of data available, making ‘F M C G’ a perfect example for our customer analytics course.
Enjoy the course!
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