Best Data Science Degrees to Get Hired in 2020
What are the best data science degrees to get hired in 2020? We did a lot of research and we can now share with you the best data science degrees in 2020! ✅Get 20% OFF the data science training!
To get into Data Science, you need a degree that signals potential employers you are the qualified candidate they’re looking for. We have conducted several studies on this topic to determine what are the best degrees for an aspiring Data Scientist. So, in this video, we’ll go over the level, discipline and university rank you should be looking at when deciding what degree is worth pursuing or if your current degree is suitable for the field.
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Our results show that virtually all data scientists have graduated from an institution of higher education. This includes Bachelors, Masters, MBAs, and Ph.Ds. However, some degrees seem to be much more popular than others.
In fact, only around 2% of all data scientists in our sample owned an MBA, but that’s not entirely surprising. If you decide to do an MBA, chances are you’re not aiming at the hands-on technical data scientist role on the team.
Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.Ds round up roughly 95% of the data, with 75% being split among Masters and PhDs. This means that roughly 3 out of every 4 data scientists have at least a master’s degree. So, yes, going for a graduate program is highly recommended.
Of course, if you think a B.A. is as high as you want to go, there is no need to be discouraged. Nearly 20% of the data scientists in our sample had only completed an undergraduate prior to entering the field. And while this number is not high, the percentage of data scientists holding only a Bachelor’s degree has been steadily growing over the last three years.
This is a refreshing indicator that shows employers are starting to value skills over years of schooling. In other words, a qualified candidate today has a higher chance of breaking into the field, compared to two years ago.
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