How to Become a Machine Learning Engineer
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With the recent buzz around machine learning, many courses have come into existence offering a broad curriculum. This leaves job seekers confused about what they really need to learn to become Machine Learning Engineers. So, today we will try to find a solution and put you one step ahead of your rival ML job seekers.
After our previous analysis of Data scientist job descriptions, we have received numerous requests from people asking about a similar analysis on Machine learning. That is why we conducted this analysis in an identical manner - by leveraging job boards data. We analyzed more than 500 recent Machine Learning engineer job postings
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We will try to answer the most common questions every Machine learning Engineer enthusiast needs to know.
• What is the most sought-after educational background to become an ML Engineer?
• What are the most important skills needed for a Machine learning engineer?
• What is the experience required by employers?
• Which firms are offering more opportunities in the field?
• Which are the locations that offer most opportunities?
If any of the above questions are on your mind, stay tuned because you’ll find the answers by the end of this video.
Alright, let’s get started.
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