Data Science vs Computer Science Degree for Data Science Career
Data Science or Computer Science degree is best for data science? Here we'll discuss whether a Data Science or Computer Science degree is the best choice for you. ✅Get 20% OFF all learning plans!
Well, both D-S and C-S are fantastic choices for a concentration, so please don’t feel discouraged if you’ve already chosen one over the other.
That being said, we here at 365 have conducted research to determine which one is better for a successful career as a data scientist.
We’ll begin by weighing the pros and cons of earning either degree, starting with D-S. Then, we’ll do some evaluation and head-to-head comparison before picking a winner.
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The most obvious pro of getting a Data Science degree is that it’s supposedly the shortest route to becoming a data scientist.
Having the words “Data Science” next to “education” in your resume is a sure-fire way to get the express treatment when applying for jobs in the field. Thus, the signalling aspect of such a degree is extremely important.
Of course, the main reason is that potential employers believe you have a great interest in the job. They don’t have to worry about programming skills, analytical understanding of statistical results, or your data-storytelling abilities. This is crucial because some great statisticians lack the coding pedigree, while some programming wonderkids lack the knowledge to extract insights from a dataset. With a Data Science degree, you’re sure to possess all the necessary qualities, without needing outside validation, like extra certification.
However, currently, there is 1 major con when it comes to a Data Science degree – availability.
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Since the field is relatively new, a Data Science program can sometimes be hard to come by, regardless of whether we’re talking undergraduate or graduate programs. The scarcity has resulted in many students having to pick alternative concentrations and, as a result, losing interest in the field prior to graduating...
Enjoy the video!
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