Types of Data: Categorical vs Numerical Data
In this tutorial, we're going to explore 2 types of data: Categorical Data and Numerical Data.
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So, categorical data describes categories or groups. One example is car brands like Mercedes, BMW and Audi – they show different categories. Another instance is answers to yes and no questions. If we ask questions like:
-Are you currently enrolled in a university?
-Do you own a car?
Yes and no would be the two groups of answers that can be obtained.
This is categorical data.
On the other hand, numerical data, as its name suggests, represents numbers. It is further divided into two subsets: discrete and continuous.
Discrete data can usually be counted in a finite matter. A good example would be the number of children that you want to have. Even if you don’t know exactly how many, you are absolutely sure that the value will be an integer such as 0, 1, 2, or even 10.
Continuous data is infinite and impossible to count. For instance, your weight can take on every value in some range...
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